Install TWRP and Magisk to root Pocophone F1

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your phone if you do anything covered on this page, this page merely documents how I did it for myself.

What am I using?

I’m using Windows 10 for the MIUI unlock tool, Ubuntu 18.04 for fastboot and adb.

Unlock Bootloader

This sucks, I needed to dust off my Windows install and visit to download a .zip file which contained an executable.

Before being able to unlock it, I needed to wait 72 hours…

Install TWRP

Once unlocked I found a recovery-20181012.img file from this file host: which was shared on

I installed it by pressing power+vol-down for a long time to get into fastboot and using the following command from my Linux terminal

fastboot flash recovery recovery-20181012.img

Recovery wiped

Booting into Android unfortunately resulted in the recovery being restored to MI-Recovery 3.0, so…

Download DisableForceExcryption

From I downloaded the file and placed it along with therecovery-20181012.img file onto the phone’s storage.

(The twrp- file in the GDrive wasn’t decrypting the storage in TWRP, so I didn’t use that anymore.

Boot into TWRP

Formatted data, flashed the file.

Flashing  actually installed Magisk as well and rooted the device in the process.

Run a backup

At this point I made a backup of all partitions to my MicroSD card to capture the current OS, booted into the OS, downloaded some apps, registered the device again in MIUI, made some changes and tested a restore.


First do a standard wipe (data, cache & Dalvik are standard) and then do the restore of all partitions (excl. storage).


This resulted in a bootloop, at least TWRP is still there..

Install MIUI 10 Global Stable

On I found


It started booting into Android again and encrypting the device 🙂

Recovery also restored

Unfortunately this also set me back to the MI-Recovery 3.0, at least the device was still unlocked, so back to fastboot it was.

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