Install a Docker Registry using Ansible and LXD

I want to start using Docker more in my infrastructure, but I like the flexibility of LXD containers a lot so I want to set out adapting my Ansible playbook to install a Docker Registry on a LXD/LXC container on one of my servers. This article documents my PoC setup. The set-up I’m using an […]

Ansible Jinja2 join dict nected values

For a certain configuration file I needed all my SSH users to be listed as p.puk,j.snot,s.sjors¬† etc from the following dict. USERS: – name: “Pietje Puk” account: p.puk – name: “Jan Snot” account: j.snot – name: “Sjaakie Sjors” account: s.sjors But whenever I ran the following task: – template: src: templates/file dest: /tmp/file With the […]

Install GPMDP using Ansible

Just a quick playbook to install/update GPMDP using Ansible. – name: Fetch the download_url from API uri: url: return_content: yes register: gpmdp tags: – gpmdp – name: Install GPMDP apt: deb: “{{ gpmdp | json_query(‘json.browser_download_url’) }}” tags: – gpmdp