[Solved] Ubuntu 12.10 resolv.conf missing, domain names not resolving

After upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) I noticed I couldn’t  visit any websites.

This was because the /etc/resolv.conf had gone AWOL.

Not sure if this is normal behaviour, maybe with some clean installs it isn’t missing?

To fix it anyways I have simply made a symlink like so:

In /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf/original it says: # Generated by NetworkManager so I left the content of that file intact.

[Solved] KPN Fiberglass (Glasvezel) bandwidth problem

I had the problem that after installation of my KPN Glasvezel that I never reached my 100MBit speeds.

This was because the DMZ to my router was slowing things down.

Not sure if this is normal behaviour, usually NAT can slow things down, but DMZ… Never heard of it.

Now I have to forward each port twice on my modem as wel as on my router, but so be it.

I’ll be in touch with the @KPNWebCare twitter account, so I’ll ask them and post back on this page.


[solved] KPN Glasvezel e-mail relay

I got myself a fiberglass (glasvezel) internet connection but after installation my postfix mailserver wouldn’t receive any e-mails anymore.

First of all I had my TCP/IP NAT port 25 forwarded to the LAN IP of the mailserver for mail transport and pointing DNS to my server through the highest priority.

Then I added mailrelay.direct-adsl.nl as a second priority for my domain in DNS and after TTL it worked.

This is odd because “Direct ADSL” is an old ADSL product of KPN.

I tried mailrelay.kpnmail.nl as well as this is my SMTP server from KPN which I use for my postfix configuration for outgoing mail (http://www.howdididothat.info/2011/05/31/postfix-mail-not-delivered/) but alas…

So mailrelay.direct-adsl.nl is the way to go until they change it again….